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Regard for deals and advertising in multi-channel retailing isn’t the main issue confronted when you have both blocks and cement and online stores. Smoothing out your business with an omnichannel ERP framework permits you to unite both the on the web and disconnected shopping encounters, so your back-end cycles and information are productively brought together. With omnichannel ERP, you consistently associate your actual retail locations, phone deals, online stores, versatile application stores and more into one arrangement that fills in as your operational spine. Doing so brings about diminished operational overhead and improved client care.


Journey Global conveys an omnichannel software ERP framework to multi-channel retailers. The arrangement incorporates Trek Cloud ERP alongside our coordinated online Point of Sale programming. We can likewise furnish you with custom eCommerce webstores that are incorporated with the ERP, and coordination benefits so some other programming is associated for the most productive activities. Beneath, we’ve summed up a couple of the key advantages you can understand by actualizing Trek Global’s omnichannel ERP framework.

Oversee stock over various areas and channels.

You’ll have the option to fathom your stock troubles with an omnichannel ERP framework from Trek Global. Our answers assist you with smoothing out fundamental assignments like recognizing stock accessibility, controlling separate stock at numerous areas and dealing with the exchange of merchandise between areas. Stock accessibility can be reflected consequently in your POS framework, online stores and portable applications. You can likewise use point by point stock reports to examine and design your stock for numerous areas and channels.

By dealing with your stock, you’ll really have the option to diminish your stock expenses. The framework permits you to set limits for reordering with the goal that you can keep mainstream things in stock while likewise diminishing stock overage. These progressions bring about improved stock turns and diminishes to your stock-to-deal proportion, which positively affects your main concern.

Lessen request satisfaction process durations over numerous channels.

By accelerating the multi-divert satisfaction measure in your stockrooms and conveyance focus, you offer a superior assistance to your clients. You likewise diminish operational overhead for those cycles. Journey’s omnichannel ERP framework permits you to oversee complex transportation and satisfaction measures. You can make configurable work processes and endorsement measures. You’ll take out manual reemergence and its related request handling mistakes, since all the information from various request focuses streams legitimately to the ERP for quick satisfaction. Furthermore, you will have the option to computerize your delivery cycles and records, for example, pick tickets, pressing slips and transportation affirmations. The framework can likewise interface straightforwardly with your transporters including UPS and FedEx.

Addition knowledge to your whole business with omnichannel ERP revealing.

Client configurable dashboards and reports permit you to examine your information for different channels. With worldwide financials capacities, you can see moved up information over the entirety of your channels and afterward drill down to see the detail. With better data comes the capacity to rapidly settle on more educated choices.

Improve the multi-channel client experience.


By coordinating your information between your internet business webstores, POS, ERP and different frameworks, you can improve the client experience. For instance, things unavailable in one store can be arranged online from another retail store or through an online store. Internet business clients can pick a retail location as a quicker get area for orders they’ve put on the web. Clients can set up a record on the web and start their shopping basket, at that point finish their shopping later by logging back in. Prizes applications can be used, giving clients focuses for buying from any area – regardless of whether on the web or in a retail source. Past request history from any channel can be proposed to a client for simple re-requesting later on. Returns can be handled from any channel all the more rapidly, any place the client has decided to restore the thing. The open doors for upgrading the client experience are perpetual when you have an omnichannel ERP framework set up to help you.

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