Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

Nonetheless, it is a new world–and a few of the changes are clearly ones for the better. Title Nine, for example, has opened the world of sports to millions of young women. Other changes include more two-paycheck families, more single parents, 24-hour information that sensitizes us to the potential risks our children face by themselves, along with an DominoQQ universe of non-sports pursuits available to a kid. Unlike Title Nine, these modifications are more mixed in their positives and negatives. But one truth is sure, parents now lead lives filled to the brim with private and household activities.

In a creation of active parents, it’s not surprising that organized sports have taken on a far bigger role. Scheduled, highly organized, and safe, organized sports more easily fit into today’s lifestyle. Why don’t you anticipate that organized sports may be the start and ending of your child’s sports experience?

Unfortunately, placing these heavy expectations in an organized youth sports program is bound to result in collapse of one kind or another. A limited number of volunteer coaches with varying degrees of expertise, multiple age groups and ability levels bunched together into single leagues, and also various perspectives regarding how to balance fun and competition, make it hard to produce a program that fully satisfies the needs of each participant. Because of this, complaints appear that conventional youth sports programs are excessively competitive, don’t provide equal playing time, and don’t give younger novices and less-skilled children the best opportunity to learn and have fun.

Therefore, how can we supply the best sports experience for our youth in the present world? I would suggest that parents embrace a principle embodied in our past–balancing participation in organized sports with another developmental opportunities that include direct civic participation and different, self-directed play by the children themselves. Don’t simply outsource your child’s sports education into an organized youth sports program.

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