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Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli loves capability to allot personal possessions, takes ex-boyfriend’s shorts to get herselfBigg Boss 14: A fresh promo indicates a nomination bigg boss voting in progress in which Nikki Tamboli is beating an earthen pot with a contestant’s image on it.
Bigg Boss 14 is set to get its very first eviction now and if rumours are to be considered, Sara Gurpal appears to be the preferred one. The manufacturers have released a new promo before the Monday episode also it affirms nominations in addition to an eviction on precisely the exact same day. Meanwhile, Nikki Tamboli is enjoying a great deal of electricity in the home.

Nikki gets the best to disperse private possessions to contestants

A brand new promo reveals Nikki taking the cost of distributing private possessions to contestants. While she lets Sara Gurpal to shoot three things as she has borrowed things for survival, Nikki’s choice to permit just 1 thing to Rahul Vaidya contributes to a heated debate between the singer.

Nikki irons her boyfriend’s fighters to put on them

Her fellow contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu along with a couple of others are observed having fun seeing her perform the job.

#AbScenePaltega (There’s been a nomination in addition to flooding in Bigg Boss 14 on precisely the exact same afternoon ).”

You’re going entirely wrong, if that doesn’t occur from this calendar year, the series needs to be shut before December and also the TRP stops arriving.

The movie reveals a new job in advancement during which earthen pots with images of contestants are put in the open location. Nikki Tamboli, that had been announced the first supported contestant on the show, is viewed at a orange salwar suit and breaking up an earthen pot of among the contestants. Glimpses of many terrified contestants are observed from the movie with the majority of them responding to a huge shock. Bigg Boss’ voice could be heard in the background, requesting a contestant to create an exit from the primary doorway of the home. Some contestants are observed consoling each other in a few moments.

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The audiences responded to the event of the home in another manner. Many have flocked into the seniors appreciating the right to evict a contestant. Since rumours of Sara Gurpal’s exit began doing the rounds, a viewer wrote,”You’re going completely incorrect, if this doesn’t occur from this calendar year, the series needs to be shut before December and also the TRP stops arriving ” Another responded,”This isn’t done seniors are a part of this series they do not knw what exactly everybody is performing aur television pr kya dikha rhe bb wale so ye bht bdi power h unke liye.”

When compared with the past seasons, this one gets individuals from diverse backgrounds, from criminal histories; TV serials, Indian theatre, Pakistani theatre, an individual from the legal history, a contentious scapegoat and several more.

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